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Internet Of Thing Asia – March 2018

The theme of IoT Asia 2018 was disruptive technologies in AR/VR. Replacing classical remote controls would be a major disruption, wouldn’t it?

Our presentation at the Tech Space focused on why gesture control is inevitable: To replace classical remote controls Vocal Command must combine to gesture control to cover the full spectrum of functionalities one expects from a remote control.

The questions of a very knowledgeable public led us to clarify our message and recall the specific challenges of gesture control in order to avoid false alarms, not confuse common body language with voluntary commands and manage to get detected in technically challenging lighting and background conditions.

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Internet Of Things Asia 2018

Augmented Spaces – March 17th 2018 – Singapore

Invited by Greg Cornelius, Visimote has been one of the four live attractions of this event. Groups of experts in AR/VR or in potential users of those technologies  have gathered to see live demos and ask loads of question about gesture control and Visimote.

A fantastic moment to be challenged by such a public.