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Human Machine Interfaces evolve and will continue to do so towards a more natural form for us humans, including voice and gesture.

Our gesture control technology over-performs the competition and through continuous development it is reaching the high standard of performance and reliability required by users.

It’s high time to partner-up with us and offer your customers a new and exciting experience.

Discover more about our project and technology in the following presentation.


What Visimote delivers

Visimote is a gesture control technology based on the detection and interpretation of open hand movements.

What Visimote offers in comparison to other similar gesture control technologies is additional effective range and robustness, especially in low light.

To ensure technical leadership, Visimote is constantly benchmarked vs leading competitors. And to maintain its technical advantage, Visimote continuously improved using state of the art techniques and field data. This allowed us to finally reach the performance level that will make it indistinguishable from magic, from the user’s perspective.

This sustained effort is the price to pay to have gesture control accepted in homes and replace, even in part, well-established technologies like remote controls.

To illustrate Visimote’s current capabilities, a series of demo video-clips have been produced, featuring our two main demo configurations:

A powerful AI based detection-tracking kernel

Visimote technology overall performance is mostly limited today by video image quality. With a standard PC and a low-end embedded webcam, it is already possible to appreciate and enjoy the performance of Phoenix, our detection and tracking kernel.

The use of a higher quality webcams allows to reach the theoretical range of the technology, reaching 7m wide angle operating range in bright/medium light, and between 3 to 5 in low light conditions, which is sufficient for most infotainment uses.

With an inexpensive passive IR camera/ additional IR lighting, Visimote is operational in pitch black.

A demo PC App with attractive functional features and GUI

Visimote demo software is centered on a fully functional media controller illustrating the possibility to switch with gestures between multiple contexts, allowing with a simple gesture sequence to control volume, position in the timeline or play speed in a video, whether it is streamed (ex: Youtube) or loaded on your PC (VLC media).

Visimote demo software also allows to control slide shows, a very interesting feature at home for presentation rehearsal, family slide shows or in the office for a device free presentation remote control

A Raspberry Pi3 demo to illustrate embedded device deployment

Visimote can operate in computing resource constrained platforms such as the raspberry Pi3. This opens many possibilities for closed loop/ IoT domestic applications.

The fact that processors specialized for neural network operations are arriving on the market will within short allow to obtain on embedded devices the same performances than on a standard PC today and reduced power consumption.

Other demos include

Controlling LCD lighting system brightness (control is faster because one does not need to communicate through the WiFi as for the Philips system).

Controlling electric motors for diverse applications.

Client/Partner specific set-ups, such as Escape Rooms.

Depending on your needs, our technical team can deploy/ integrate Visimote in your systems according to your specifications.


Raspberry Pi3 Version

Operating range
Bright light: 4m
Low light: 2,5-3m
Pitch black (including IR Leds): 2,5m

PC Version

Maximum range*
Bright light: 6-8m
Low light: 3-5m
Pitch black (including IR Leds): 3m-3,5m
*Depending on video camera quality


  • Angelos Germidis
    Angelos Germidis Co-Founder

    PhD in material physics
    Product management and development

  • Bruno Delean
    Bruno Delean Co-Founder

    Designer of VSP technology and founder of Live Picture                            

  • Andrei Nica
    Andrei Nica Researcher

    MsC, Computer Science
    PhD student in Artificial Intelligence

  • Alex Gavril
    Alex Gavril Senior Developer

    MsC student in Artificial Intelligence                                                         

  • Mihai Trascau
    Mihai Trascau Head of R&D

    PhD (pending) in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence